About decorating …. with cats

Okay, it’s been quite a few days since we moved into the new house… and apart from placing a big plant and a comfortable mat for the cats in the greenhouse and a mattress, some cushions and a duvet for me to sleep under, nothing much has happened yet…. why, you ask? Well, maybe you should ask the cats…

Every time I’m trying to think about what to put where, and should I place a rug here, or would it look nicer over there? the cats start meouwing, trying to catch my eye… and sooner or later.. they of course succeed.

They make a little room on their comfortable mat, and I sit down with them… (see how D’Artagnan looks at me?)…..

…. and just a few seconds later, he’s on my lap, demanding to be cuddled, and Abbi –  of course! wants to be cuddled too… and that’s that. You just can’t argue with a cat, and with two of them, it’s …..  impossible! 🙂

And so, we postpone decorating the house…. until tomorrow.


Overall & Sweater: group gift (mesh) from Coco

Skin: Lene1 teeth (limited) lucky board item at Mother Goose

Hair: Exile Betty Lou: Hollywood for The Dressing Room Blue

Makeup: Harlow Makeup1 Bang Bang

L.Fauna: Extra Freckles (Tan)

L.Fauna: Underlashes

Cheap Makeup Tableau Lashes FREE

Eyes: .ID. Real Eyes / Stumblebum (4)

Shoes: Bang Bang Felt – Astrakhan Booties – blue

Tights: Bang Bang Basic Wooly tights

Poses: Pulling Strings – Elle pinned up 1, 4 and 5

… and the KittyCatS cats Abbigail and D’Artagnan

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New beginnings

It is very early morning. Slowly she walks towards the house that will be her new home. It’s so cold that her breath makes little white puffs in front of her mouth, and everything is silent.

The house is completely empty. “Wonderful!” she says wryly to herself. The cat in her arms is still sleeping and seems content.





“This will be a lot of work!” But all the same, she likes this new house. The cat wakes up and stretches in her arms.

And while the cat looks around for mice to hunt, she wanders into the little conservatory, and her mood lifts. “I like this place.” she thinks. “It’s perfect for a new beginning!”


Skin: LAQ Mini (Fair)

Eyes: .ID. Secret Window Eyes for PDA

Glasses: A&M Reader Glasses black

Hair: (fd) Snuggle Up Hair Blonde (black, Tan) (Collabor88 item)

Make-up: GP Holiday Makeup for Party Girl Dark

L.Fauna Lashes (Underlashes)

L.Fauna Lashes (Pretty)

Dress: Ingenue Cyd dress cocoa (part mesh) (Collabor88 item)

Jacket: COCO FlightJacket (black)

Gloves: Leezu! Nif Nif gloves/red

Shoes: [N] Calf high moccasins – black

Tights: Bang Bang Basic Wooly Tights bloody red


LISP – 3tier Hat Boxes – Red (modified for picture)

Lelutka – Cadmio bag


sisch – Holding cat

(marukin) –  borealis and native (Vermillion package)

… and last but not least, Abbigail, a KittyCatS cat

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