Spring in Eden

Not many words today, the beauty of Neva River needs no words… 🙂


Glam Affair – Giselle natural – clean red

.ID. Jubilant Eyes / Stumblebum / Medium

Bang Bang: Lemonade Collection Makeup 1

.ID. Lip Dot – Gold

MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick MESH

hair -::Exile:: Groove Theory:Sunset MESH

Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_BlackManicure MESH

je suis…voyante ring *plain*

(epoque.s) Pipeline Ring – Silver // femme

EVICA – Metal Cuff – Chrome (no longer available)

MichaMi: Washed Out Tank in Green (TDR)

*GF*[Mesh] Frill Shorts -olive-

shawl: unreleased Bang Bang item

*Fishy Strawberry* Lace Cycling Pants – Dried Herb (TDR)

*GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -patent:yellow(Tstrap) Culture Shock gift

Location: Neva River

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Don’t call me cutie!

What did I just hear you call me? Speak up, I can’t hear you very well. Hey, I’ll just come nearer, and you say it again, ok?

So I did get that right, you did call me cutie! What makes you think that I could possibly allow you to call me that? Come here, and I’ll show you exactly how cute I am!

Hello? Hellohoooo…..

So…. that was all you are capable of….. thought so. At least you won’t make that mistake again, anytime soon, am I right?

NOBODY calls me cutie.



-Glam Affair– Leah Natural

.ID. Gem Eyes / Colors / Light / Lemon


.ID. Fade Gloss/Hot Pink

MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick

Hair: [BURLEY]_Lola_Red01

*LSB* Scraped knees

AITUI TATTOO – Fire Arms Red

cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Sparkle MardiGras

HOC – Aviator style glasses

je suis…voyante ring *plain*


DDD – V4 Aggression Leg Bands

HOC – Hocs Sneakers

Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks

{mon tissu} Cuffed Denim Shorts Medium Wash

top: :OW: “Dead Kitty” Chube Chop

:OW: “Raptor2” Belt

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Visiting L.I.S.P.

My friend Pandora, the owner of L.I.S.P. Bazaar, is rebuilding her shop – it’s still a work in progress, and I visited today to have a look around. And because she not only creates unique and beautiful things at an almost insane rate :-), but also always builds an enchanting environment for showcasing her items, I of course had to take pictures!

It’s such a beautiful place, you just have to visit! And while you’re there, browse the shop – I’m sure you’ll be taking something home to decorate your house!


-Glam Affair– Leah Natural – Clean Red

Pink Acid Diva Lip Gloss – Plum

cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Sparkle Vogue

.ID. Gem Eyes / Colors / Light / Lemon


MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick – MESH

Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_BurgundyManicure MESH

[LeLutka]-WITHER hair – Powder MESH

celoe.yasmine.pants.earl. MESH

{mon tissu} Ruffled Shell Pearl MESH

Bang Bang –  Flats Fantastico Black&White

je suis…voyante ring *gemstone* (l)

[} Jasha {] Tahta Bracelet II (Platinum) – as far as I know, no longer available

[} Jasha {] Tahta Bracelet II (Platinum) – as far as I know, no longer available

Poses – by me and marukin (last picture)

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Who’s that girl?

The sun has barely risen, and suddenly she’s there – where has she come from?

She stands there, and for a moment seems slightly disoriented. Her beauty is taking his breath away.

The garden behind her is empty, and there are no entries into the surrounding buildings…

He conciously draws breath. Is she looking at him? Should he try to talk to her?



*Fishy Strawberry* Makeup – Allure -Faded Lipstick Brick


*Fishy Strawberry* Makeup – Allure -Cocktail Eye Shadow – Blue

 (epoque.s) Pipeline Ring – Silver // femme

*Crazy* Atura Mesh Rigged Boots

::Exile:: All I Am (b):Venetian

coldLogic top – castillo.eggshell

JANE – every day shorts.raven

je suis…voyante ring *plain*


Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_BlackManicure

MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick

MG – Necklace – Silver Twin Hearts – Short

-Glam Affair- Leah Natural – Clean Red

.ID. Tropical Eyes 1

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Sunday afternoon at the cattery

Hello! 🙂

Today I’ll show you the cattery – as you already know, my cats have their own house!

Here it is! Yeeees, you might think that my cats are quite pampered, and you could even be right! I just love them and have fun decorating for them!

Here we are sitting on the veranda – Vinnie the dog is quite at ease with the cats, who seem to like her!

The cats love their furs and sofas, and especially the fireplace! They spend most of their days playing or sleeping, and dreaming of hunting and fishing in the pond.

In spring and summer, there’s just a curtain at the door, so that they can wander out at will….

After all this showing you around, I’m thirsty! What better place to be than under the palm trees, drinking lemonade!

Until next time! 🙂

House: Blue Beach Cabin by KayZee Creations (inside walls retextured by me with Insight Design textures)

Chair: ::AB:: Crazy Cat Lady Armchair (was an KittyCatS advent calendar item)

Sofa’s inside: MMG’s Storage bench

lamp: lamp.redberry – Nordari

furry rugs: Tharyn Design (brown) and Homestyles

Tree table and fireplace by me

Curtain: oyakin *Curtain* leaf

cat chair: {FB} Cat chair

Black sofa: Used Sofa_Black from *KOPI*

LISP – Mathilde Rug Olive Stripe

Partylights: Kis Kis Rainbow Lights

Weathercock: * nonino * Pluto+

Cat-stones: [MnM] Neko-ishi

lantern: * nonino * Lantern “Sakura”

One prim sculpty torch by Kidd Creation

Grandma’s Knitting Circle Set – Spring gift by LISP

Meadow Works coneflower pot with Butterflies

on me:

skin: Glam Affair – Leah Natural Clean BL

eyes: I.D. FFL/Bold BlueGreen

lashes: MG– Wild Full Thick MESH


hair: Truth Lori/roots light blonde MESH

shirt: Bang Bang Tribal shirt (not yet released)

pants: Bang Bang Candy pants pink/orange MESH (not yet released)

shoes: HOC – Hocs Sneakers – female

sunglasses: Willow – Mesh Peace Shades orange

jewellry: AddiCt Chocolate Ring (copper)

plus a bunch of KittyCatS cats and one Zooby Boston Terrier 🙂

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Home is….

… where the heart is! I’ve always found this to be true – and my heart in Second Life has always been at the waterfront. Since I can’t afford a sim, I decided to go for mainland, and I think I have found a beautiful place at an affordable price!

This is the view from my house, which is up the hill – you can see the cat’s house – yes, they do have their own house! 🙂 – the beach, and the water…. I could sit here the whole day and never tire of the view!

Here you see my house, and a bit of the garden… I’ll show you the pond and the flowers in another post.

I’m totally in love with my new Exile hair, and my mesh lashes – you can choose to wear upper and lower lashes independantly, and the upper lashes come in 2 parts per eye – perfect fitting lashes have never been easier to get! The garden seat on which I’m sitting is also new – it comes with bunches of single and friends sits – the perfect resting place for your garden!

And last but not least, meet Vinnie, my (and the cat’s) guardian girl! 😀 Now I’m going to laze a bit more in the sun…. see you soon!

on me:

[Atomic] Lien Skin (LB)_Buff – Lotus_5d

PIDIDDLE – LipColor – Matte Bare All / NoTeeth


Miamai_Brows Enhancer A Blonde

::Para Designs:: SnakeBite Color Light

MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick

::Exile:: Take it off:Vanilla

.ID. Beach Eyes / SB March / 3



-tb- C88 Board Shorts – Foam

Kyoot – Lacey White Knee Socks (Lace 2)

coldLogic top – clark.white

lassitude & ennui – Wanderlust – black duotone



 (epoque.s) Pipeline Ring – Silver // femme

LaGyo_Shield rings silver/white

MG – Pearl Necklaces – Combo – Short – BLACK


LISP – Garden Seats – Baa and Chirp – at Collabor88

Zooby’s Ultimate Boston Terrier

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Greetings from Italy

A sunday afternoon spent walking through an old city, taking the atmosphere in with every breath of the scented air… flowers, the sea, the smell of freshly baked bread and red vine – what can be better?

Walking around, discovering new sights at every corner….

Nothing can be better, really. Your heart and spirits will be uplifted, and you’ll dream this night of the sea, the breeze, and be happy…

On me:

[Atomic] Lien Skin (LB)_Buff – Lotus_5c

.ID. Beach Eyes / SB March / 3

MG – Eyelashes – Party – Swallow Wings – MMM12

Miamai Brows Enhancer A Red



[LeLutka]-YIPPIE hair – StrawberryBlonde


smudge-starfeet  Tattoo (no longer available)

::Para Designs:: SnakeBite Color Light Tattoo

(epoque.s) Pipeline Ring – Silver // femme

LaGyo_Shield rings silver/white

coldLogic top – jett.black (Fresh Unknown Hunt)

TDR SPECIAL – Snake Shawl

Bang Bang – Slim fit jeans – gray

Bang Bang -Flats Fantastico rose/grey


Location: FuriZona

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On the prowl

The night is warm, the air in the club stale and full of the smell of dancing, sweaty people. She needs some fresh air and space.

Just a short smoke outside, where it’s cool. The night is almost over, the sun sleeping just behind the skyline.

Soon, she will go back in, for a few more drinks, and who knows what else might happen…..


Skin: [Atomic] Lien Buff (LB) – Love (exclusive for TDR blue)

Miamai Brows enhancer A red

L.Fauna Lashes (pretty)


Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Real Eyes Stumblebum 4

Hair: Exile – Cyla for TDR blue – beach MESH


coldLogic top – watts.smoke MESH

Rezipsa Loc – Lowcut T-Shirt black

– tb – Juju Jeans – Paint Splatters (old 50L Fridays item)


Lassitude & ennui – Flutter Boots Raven for Back to Black MESH


La Gyo – Shield Ring Silver


Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette


Maldita and Glitterati

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