KoKoLoReS: Lazy Sunday and a full release

Happy sunday everyone! 🙂 Out now at the KoKoLoReS mainstore: the darling poses for Lazy Sunday! Just today at a reduced price, tomorrow they’ll be up at 100L/package again! Plus the full release of the Meg hair is now out! Come try a demo.

[KoKoLoReS]: The Surreal Complex has started!

The Surreal Complex is taking place from February 1st until March 2nd and has 3 themes: Art, Fairytales and Dreams! KoKoLoReS offers 4 items for Dreams – from fighting nightmares to being dreamily in love! I hope you’ll enjoy them! ❤ sisch  

[KoKoLoReS]: New stuff at fi*Friday!

Out now at fi’Friday for just 55L each until tuesday: a Mehndi style hand tattoo for your Slink hands, some handsy girls poses because there never seem to be enough of those, and a new pack of poses for the boys! I hope you’ll enjoy! Taxi to fi*Friday