[KoKoLoReS]: Lilith for SaNaRae

  Hey guys, I’ve got a punky new hairstyle out for you at SaNaRae! Lilith was modeled after a photo that Anabelle Lilith pinned to the “Give me ideas” board on Pinterest, and it was named after her and won her a fatpack! If you’d like to give me ideas, too, please look here forContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS]: Lilith for SaNaRae”

[KoKoLoReS]: Elin & Call me Gretel at SaNaRae!

  Hey guys, SaNaRae has just opened it’s doors for the May round, and I have put out two new styles for you! Both are unrigged and resizable mesh and come with tintable tattoo layer/Omega applier hairbase. Elin is a fun style with an asymmetrical fringe and asymmetrical buns. It comes in colour hud optionsContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS]: Elin & Call me Gretel at SaNaRae!”

[KoKoLoReS]: Rhys & Lyle at SaNaRae

  At this month SaNaRae, I have two new undercuts out! Rhys is an unrigged, resizable updo, Lyle a fitted curly ponytail style. I hope you like ’em! For the KoKoLoReS V.I.P. group members, I have a special offer: you’ll find a 25% off promo code and instructions on how to use it in theContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS]: Rhys & Lyle at SaNaRae”

[KoKoLoReS]: Max & Sia at SaNaRae

  Hey guys, I’ve got two new short styles out for you at the March round of SaNaRae! Max is a very short, very spikey undercut ponytail, Sia a bob with a fun, self-cut style fringe. Both hairs are unrigged, resizable mesh and come with tintable stubbly tattoo layer/Omega applier hairbase. I hope you enjoy!Continue reading “[KoKoLoReS]: Max & Sia at SaNaRae”

[KoKoLoReS]: Inez & Tammy at SaNaRae!

I’ve got two new hairs out for you at SaNaRae! Inez is a sleek updo, resizable and comes with a tintable tattoo layer/Omega hairbase applier. You can choose between 5 colour packs: Naturals, Accents, Rainbow, Balayage and Unicorn Dreams. Tammy is a cute over-the-shoulder ponytail. It is a fitted style, comes also with hairbase andContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS]: Inez & Tammy at SaNaRae!”

[KoKoLoReS]: Winter & Benny at SaNaRae!

A new round of SaNaRae has started, and I have two new hairstyles for you! Winter is a sassy, unrigged short. It comes in colour hud options Naturals, Rainbow, Balayage, Accents and Unicorn Dreams. Benny is a cute little updo with an asymmetrical fringe, it is fitted and available in colour hud options Naturals, Rainbow,Continue reading “[KoKoLoReS]: Winter & Benny at SaNaRae!”

[KoKoLoReS]: Corinna at SaNaRae!

Hi guys, my last release for 2017 is out now at SaNaRae – Corinna! It’s a cute little braided do, it’s fitted and comes in colour hud options Naturals, Rainbow, Balayage, Accents and Unicorn Dreams. I hope you like her! Taxi to SaNaRae Please don’t forget that the sale is still going on at theContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS]: Corinna at SaNaRae!”

[KoKoLoReS]: Charlie at SaNaRae!

Hi guys! I’m at SaNaRae again – the new round has just opened! I’ve made a sweet curly hairstyle just perfect for stormy weather. Charlie comes in colour hud options Naturals, Rainbow, Balayage and Accents (shown in the ad) and with a (undetachable) cap which has 10 texture options to choose from. Charlie is unriggedContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS]: Charlie at SaNaRae!”