KoKoLoReS Hair

All KoKoLoReS Hairs are 100% original mesh. Unrigged styles have a resize script that allows you to change size on each axis seperately. Both rigged and unrigged styles are copy/mod/no transfer (as of January 2015). Older styles have different permissions: copy/mod/no transfer for unrigged mesh, copy/no mod/no transfer for rigged mesh.

The only thing you can modify on rigged styles is the tinting, meaning you can change the colours. Please always make a copy first, I am not responsible for things going wrong!

Gacha hairs have different permissions: they are no copy/mod/transfer. Unrigged gacha styles come with a resize script. Everything else you  change (i.e. tinting) is your responsibility, so if something goes wrong there on a no copy item, I won’t refund you or give you a new hair!

I try my hairs with lots of mesh heads: Genesis Lab, Catwa, Lelutka, Eve, Fiore, TMP, LOGO, and if you’re head shape isn’t extreme, they should fit all of those comfortably. A lot of my styles need a hairbase. I include tattoo layer ones in the packages when needed, and at the store you’ll find hairbase appliers for Genesis Lab, EVE and Catwa. However, there is one golden rule:

Please always try the demo first! I will give no refunds.

And I mean no refunds. Really.

Colour huds since January 2015 (please be aware that not every hairstyle comes in every colour hud version):


Old colour huds before January 2015:


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