soft glitter

Sometimes, it takes me a good while to get an outfit together – I bought the lovely button back shirt from NYU quite a while ago, and just didn’t find anything in my inventory to match it with – until I got the lovely new pumps from LaRoo ( easy to fit and tint, loadsContinue reading “soft glitter”

French Quarter, sunshine and drizzle

I’ve been to Leverocci today, they’re having a sale, don’t miss out on it! 🙂 Credits *YS & YS* Liu – TDR Venus *YS & YS* Liu Lip Tatoo – NaturalGloss *YS & YS* Liu CarotBrows *YS&YS* Freckles3 Add Tatoo Layer SL2 .ID. Striking Eyes / Turquoise MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick –Continue reading “French Quarter, sunshine and drizzle”

Out of town

I’m going away for the weekend… hope the car won’t break down…. 😀 Have a great weekend! Credits >Rb< Sienna Skin / Light / Base / Red Brows L.Fauna EXTRA FRECKLES [Dark] >Rb< Sienna Lips / Light / Gloss / Brown >Rb< Sienna Eyeshadow / Smoke / Night MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full ThickContinue reading “Out of town”

A night out

Simple, sexy and stylish – my perfect outfit for a night out! Credits >Rb< Sienna Skin / Light / Base / Brown Brows >Rb< Sienna Eyeshadow / Smoke / Blue >Rb< Sienna Lips / Light / Gloss / Tomato L.Fauna EXTRA FRECKLES [Dark] .ID. FFL / Bold Blue eyes MG – Eyelashes – Wild FullContinue reading “A night out”

Summer’s Breeze

I haven’t created anything new for Riott’s and my shop in quite a while… mainly because of a lot of work in RL – quite a few of you know that I’m on a job re-training program, and the final written exams took place at the beginning of may. Still the orals to go through,Continue reading “Summer’s Breeze”

Sunday afternoon at the cattery

Hello! 🙂 Today I’ll show you the cattery – as you already know, my cats have their own house! Here it is! Yeeees, you might think that my cats are quite pampered, and you could even be right! I just love them and have fun decorating for them! Here we are sitting on the verandaContinue reading “Sunday afternoon at the cattery”