a place to live – Tarrytown House, part I

I have a new house! And it has been ages since I made a home & living post. SL has been behaving bad today, kicked me, didn’t want to take pictures for me, ate my stuff and because of all this, you’ll get two posts instead of one, today’s featuring the downstairs of my newContinue reading “a place to live – Tarrytown House, part I”

blondes preferred

I’ve been spending so much time in blender, having fun learning and making a bunch of items I’m excited about! At the same time it’s all very time consuming and tiring, and being an impatient and perfectionistic person doesn’t really help. So here’s a blogpost to relax me! This cute off-the-shoulder top reminds me ofContinue reading “blondes preferred”

wind machine

I hadn’t really planned on a second post today, but then I found these exciting new leggings by Mutresse and well…. they couldn’t wait! The leggings come in two versions – material ready and normal – and you can wear them with or without the ruffles, and with or without the waistband. A hud comesContinue reading “wind machine”

nothing is heavy to those who have wings

Have you been to beautiful Neva River yet? Neva Crystall has opened her sim for the public – but you’ll have to hurry, after March 30th, it will vanish like Brigadoon, and your chance to admire the wonderful landscaping and taking part in the Photography Challenge will be gone! Credits the body co. Sunflower (06Continue reading “nothing is heavy to those who have wings”

summer feelin’

As soon as I saw these Redgrave jeans for men on Sugar’s blog, I knew I had to try them, and I think I’ll wear these for a long time, because to me, they’re just perfect! These jeans are so called “liquid mesh”, which means they fit themselves to your shape – be sure toContinue reading “summer feelin’”


I’m so excited for the new round of The Arcade starting tomorrow!! The lovely rollerblades I’m wearing are from The Secret Store and come in a bunch of colours and with a basic skating AO thrown in! They look so real, it’s absolutely amazing, even the box they come in is so cute, you canContinue reading “skatin’”


  Credits Lara Hurley-Joy smokey eyes/Dark (new at Fair!) { Sugar Heart } Heart Shaped Mole – Under Eye (Mirror) MG – Eyelashes – Groomed – Medium – B .ID. Darkest Browns / Cocoa 2 eyes *Alice Project* Reema Hair – Infinity (new at Fair!) e! Trinity Sweater Dress (Creme) (new at Fair!) Battered BoudoirContinue reading “pure”

CINEMA 2012 – Windblown

She goes where the wind blows her… it’s autumn in London, and who knows what adventures lie before her? Your taxi to Cinema 2012 Credits Izzie’s – Fuyu Skin sunkissed DB Izzie’s – Fuyu Eyeshadow autumn Izzie’s – Lipstick rust Izzie’s – Fuyu Freckles sunkissed (body + face) MG – Eyelashes – Groomed – MediumContinue reading “CINEMA 2012 – Windblown”