This is my lovely new home from +NODe+! I especially love the little walled veranda and pond – there’s a rain system coming with the house, it’s so peaceful! You should visit the SLOW sim, where all +NODe+ houses are on display, as well as a lot of small shops whose items are featured in this post, like { ililo } and Bitter Vanilla. { ililo } is rebranding as +ILO+, a lot of the older stuff is available at reduced prices and will vanish soon, so go grab it now! As always, I hope I have credited all items, if you find something I have forgotten to mention, leave a comment!


Turnip’s Skydome 2.0

++NODe++  house 04 POP

*.emm: garden entrance autumn gift (no longer available)

Tobias Novi – 8 Conifers (B) 2 prims

*alirium* nanohana

[ Organica ] Ficus 2- m/t

**New Trails – Lighted Oak tree/m&t

{ ililo } hobo hut 05

-Hanaya- Windswept Bonsai with Table *thank you Mori!

Fuubutsu – Dou – japanese maple floor lantern

Trompe Loeil – Rustic lanterns

Zigana – home made Flamingo

[[[nocc.]]] Ivy 02 wall 1

FANATIK HOME Utaba Table Big

Zigana + Flowey. Banana Fanna – Flaminganna chair (for Atelier Kreslo)

-Hanaya- Single Red Rose in Bud *thank you Mori!

Apple Fall – Ralph’s Boat

floorplan – barn light black /white

Trompe Loeil – Gyroscope Floor Lamp (at FaMESHed February)

floorplan – oh deer wall decor

PILOT – Larkin Set – Hanging Chair

{ ililo } bookshelf

Culprit – Old Wood stove

{ ililo } this is wall clock

+ILO+ (rebranded { ililo }) – Sofa 012

Y’s House – Rugs wool 09, linen 002, linen 003, Kilim01

PILOT – Soaring Against All Odds (wall deco)

Trompe Loeil – Shelf with Framed Imagine Quote

Y’s House – ID Shelf 00 (white)

Y’s House – Display Kago DC natural

Y’s House – Display Basket 01

tulip – Storage box red

Bitter Vanilla – Kitchen (dark)

*.:[K]..* Kettle (red)

MudHoney Kangjon Cookbook Wire Shelf

LISP – Plates on Rack, Peaches and Recipe Book, Scales (all from Mermaid&Seadogs Kitchen Set)

(iTuTu) kitchen hanger&goods

(iTuTu) kitchen tool hanger

+ILO+ Milk Can

Culprit Retro Fridge Tomato

{ ililo } morning stool

MudHoney Priya Bed and Curtains

~BAZAR~ Fluffy Carpet

~BAZAR~ Arizona clothes rack

Trompe Loeil – Gramercy Steamer Trunk Gray (at FaMESHed February)

Scarlet Creative – Wood Cage Lamp

Scarlet Creative – Vintage Crate with Record Player

Cheeky Pea – Wanderer Bookshelf Australia (at FaMESHed February)

Zigana – Apothecary cabinet light

*Art Dummy! – books and bookends (from once set)

Second Spaces – Writer’s Blook books for research (Writer’s Block set)

*chronokit* lily pink

%Percent Furniture – Reuse Chip Stand with Postcards

*Cheap cheap* Posters (no longer available)

New Trails – Water lilies and pads, Cattails

Y’s House – Round Chair 01

*Art Dummy! for winter contemplation chair (black & faux fur)

LISP – Firepit Bowl with sits/props/lid

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I promised you a huge home & furniture post – here it is! I’m very much in love with the For Saturday mesh skybox by Scarlet Creative, and have spent hours furnishing it – hope you’ll enjoy! :)loft001











Scarlet Creative Modern Prefab – Mesh Skybox. For Saturday

Panorama RealView CityScapes background system

LISP – Flamingo Sofa

-Hanaya Mesh – Pine in Winter

*bbqq* – plastic stool yellow

*Art Dummy! – idle. pompom flower and vase

Culprit – Old Wood Stove

*Art Dummy! for winter contemplation stool (black & faux fur)

Y’s House – Rond Chair 01

Y’s House – ID Shelf 04

Post – Haarlem Deco Ashtray

*Art Dummy! idle. (stacked books)

Atelier Kreslo Mug (Rez)

Scarlet Creative – pictures (Scarlet Creative Holiday Décor Set)

*Art Dummy! flamingo. Lamps

:: Feu Quinn ::_ZebraRug_mod/trans

Barnesworth Anubis – salon wall – black frames (Kittycats advent calendar)

Bang Bang – Greenie

LISP – Oh Mr. Waters chair

Y’s House – Rug Linen003

Trompe Loeil – NYC66 Three Cushion Seat Red

[&Hearts;] Hope Decal

Second Spaces – Writer’s Block books for research

Scarlet Creative – Holiday Cushions (Scarlet Creative Holiday Décor Set)

DIGS – Scriptor Word Art

POST – Haarlem Deco Vase

*Art Dummy! Wooden Rabbit

*Art Dummy! light up my way (vintage up arrow light)

Second Spaces – Writer’s Block inspiration globe

Media Company Brzeg – Vintage Radio Red

*cheap cheap* posters (no longer available)

*Art Dummy! idle. bench

*Art Dummy! vintage barn light red

Y’s House – Display baskets

Y’s House – Kilim01 (colorchange)

MudHoney – Kangjon Cookbook Wire Shelf

Bitter Vanilla – Kitchen (white)

Bitter Vanilla – Kitchen tool (blue)

Bitter Vanilla – Cutting board

LISP – Plates on rack

LISP – Peaches and Recipe book

LISP – Mermaids & Seadogs Pan

iTuTu – Kitchen tool hangers

*chronokit* Clock No09 – rustclock

Culprit – Retro Fridge Tomato

*Art Dummy! for winter conversation stools

Second Spaces – Writer’s block desk

*atmosphere works – salt & pepper mills

*Art Dummy! stacked plates and bowls

*cheap cheap* polaroids (no longer available)

iTuTu – letter cabinet/neutral

[tea.s] Bah Humbug Banner (gift)

Scarlet Creative – mesh bookcase

Culprit – Wildthings Zebra Pouffe

POST – Haarlem Deco Floorlamp

Y’s House– Rug wool 01

Bang Bang – Big Greenie

MudHoney – Priya Bed

DIGS – Portman Plain Chest

Zigana – drawers light

LISP – Margot Teapot Lamp (texture change)

Zigana – Apothecary cabinet light

+mudshake gallery – “the princess is happy”, “the princess is away”, “the princess is the fairest”

LISP – Funky Lispette Record unit

PILOT – Larkin Set Hanging Chair

Cheeky Pea & PILOT – Backyard Cinema Projector

Cheeky Pea & PILOT – Backyard Cinema Lounger

Cheeky Pea & PILOT – Backyard Cinema Screen

Zigana – Star. Light. Wood. (gift)

…and Vinnie, a Zooby’s Ultimate Boston Terrier

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through the window


First things first – I’ve opened a little store today! :) It’s called [KoKoLoReS], offers poses and can be found inworld here! There’s a gift package with 5 poses out to celebrate the opening, and I’ve made a brand-spanking new blog for it! :) Hope to see you there!



L2 West Lake House

Hanaya- Windswept Bonsai *thank you Mori! :)

*Art Dummy! idle.set

*Art Dummy! flamingo.lamp

*cheap cheap* Affiche I (n.l.a.)

iTuTu – Letter Cabinet

Izzie’s – Geanna Skin porcelain DB

Izzie’s – Lipstick dark red

Izzie’s – Geanna Eyeliner

{ Sugar Heart } Heart Shaped Mole – Under Eye (Mirror)

MG – Eyelashes – Groomed – Medium – B

.ID. Darkest Browns / Black 2 eyes

>TRUTH< Dawson hair – barbie

The Secret Store – Sweet sheer – Polka (for Lazy Sunday!) *thank you Maylee Oh!

* RezIpsa Loc * ~ T-Shirt, Raven Black

(NO) Metallic Leggings – Black

*GF*[Mesh] Lace-up Boots “Gina” -black

Izzie’s – Classic Nails

LaGyo_Shield rings silver/white

pose by [KoKoLoReS]


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