Rock Star

Credits .: vive9 :. Maliah in SPF204 Base – BlackBrow .: vive nine :. Maliah Cat Liner .: vive nine :. Maliah Lipstick SPF202 – Glossy Desire {e} Beauty Marks & Freckles .ID. Darkest Browns / Nearly Black eyes MG – Eyelashes – Groomed – Medium – B >TRUTH< Demi w/Roots – elvira hair *Crazy*Continue reading “Rock Star”

Who’s that girl?

The sun has barely risen, and suddenly she’s there – where has she come from? She stands there, and for a moment seems slightly disoriented. Her beauty is taking his breath away. The garden behind her is empty, and there are no entries into the surrounding buildings… He conciously draws breath. Is she looking atContinue reading “Who’s that girl?”