[KoKoLoReS] New unisex hairstyle at TLC!

Hey guys! A new round of The Liaison Collaborative has just started, and I’ve got a new undercut hair for you! Jupiter is unisex and comes in two versions: with and without leather cap. A tintable hairbase (tattoo layer/ Omega applier) is included. There are ten texture options available for the cap and the styleContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS] New unisex hairstyle at TLC!”

[KoKoLoReS]: Runa at TLC Cyberlogic

  TLC Cyberlogic started on september 3rd, the theme this round is Cyberlogic! Runa is an unrigged, resizable full alpha hairstyle, and comes with an All-in-One texture hud – 192 colour options plus tinting. I hope you like her! Taxi to The Liaison Collaborative

[KoKoLoReS] Pose Fair, Salon 52 and a new V.I.P. gift!

  Pose Fair is in full swing! This time around, KoKoLoReS has two packs of beating-the-rainy-weather poses for you: Umbrella I & II! Each pack has six pose-on-attach umbrellas. They are texture change by hud and are resizable. I’ve also included the separate poses for use with your own umbrellas. I hope you enjoy them!Continue reading “[KoKoLoReS] Pose Fair, Salon 52 and a new V.I.P. gift!”

[KoKoLoReS] New mainstore release and V.I.P. gift!

I’ve got a new hair out at KoKoLoReS – Pola! Pola is an edgy short undercut style with long strands. The hair is fitted and adapts to the body sliders (head/breasts) though it might not fit every body, please always try the demo before you buy! A tintable tattoo layer/Omega applier hairbase is included. PolaContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS] New mainstore release and V.I.P. gift!”

KoKoLoReS: Sukey and Sydney for Suicide Dollz!

A new round of Suicide Dollz starts today and KoKoLoReS has two new hairs out there! Sukey and Sydney are both undercuts – Sukey is an unrigged, resizable updo, Sydney comes rigged and unrigged/resizable! Hairbases are included. Hope you like! Taxi to Suicide Dollz