KoKoLoReS: Cosmetic Fair Love is Love!

Only two more hours until Cosmetic Fair Love is Love starts at 1 PM SLT! I’ve got two new hairs out for it – Ione I and Ione II are unrigged mesh and resizable. They come with a colour change hearty hairband! There’s also a package of 10 soft matte lipsticks on tattoo layer andContinue reading “KoKoLoReS: Cosmetic Fair Love is Love!”

KoKoLoReS: Cosmetic Fair Spring has started!

Cosmetic Fair Spring has just started, and these are the items KoKoLoReS has on offer for you! The lipsticks come as tattoo layer or Loud Mouth edition and can be bought seperately, so be sure to grab the version you need. I hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂