KoKoLoReS: Lazy Sunday for your eyes!

It’s Lazy Sunday time, and KoKoLoReS offers the Double Flick mesh eyeliner for just 75L – only today! The eyeliner comes in two versions – resizable via script or unscripted. It fits most mesh heads pretty well too, but still you should be comfortable with the edit tools. Try the demo first! taxi to KoKoLoReS

KoKoLoReS: It’s Skin Fair time!

It’s Skin Fair time again! KoKoLoReS has lots on offer for you: the mesh eyeliners come with and without resize script, five colours changeable by hud each. Please try the demos for a general feel of the fit first! The Fine Lines come as tattoo layer or for your Slink Visage head! And the twoContinue reading “KoKoLoReS: It’s Skin Fair time!”