Cosmetic Fair Tokyo Fashion – Street Style!

Hi guys, Cosmetic Fair has just started and I made two hairs for it! Both Naoko and Mitsouko are rigged and come in regular & busty versions. Colour huds 01, 04 and balayage are available for both styles. I’ve also made a little gift – you need to be a member of the Cosmetic FairContinue reading “Cosmetic Fair Tokyo Fashion – Street Style!”

[KoKoLoReS]: At The Winter Gacha Festival!

The Winter Gacha Festival just opened it’s doors and KoKoLoReS has a new, long hairstyle for you! There are 15 commons plus two rares to play for (65L/play). The rares are full colourpacks/30 colours! Also in each package: bauble mouthies and earring in 3 colours each. Have fun! 🙂

KoKoLoReS: It’s Hair Fair Time!

It’s Hair Fair time, and these are KoKoLoReS’ offerings! It’s my first time at the Fair, and I’m very happy to be part of it! I’m donating 50% of the Silence and Effie hair sales to Wigs for Kids, 25% of sales from Cameron, Lilibeth and Skyler. I’ve tried to offer you lots of varietyContinue reading “KoKoLoReS: It’s Hair Fair Time!”

KoKoLoReS: Meet Lilou and Rowan!

At 3 PM SLT starts the february round of We ❤ RP! and KoKoLoReS has two new hairs for you! Lilou is for the girls and comes in all 4 colour huds, Rowan is an unisex style with a loooong braid and comes in huds 01, 02 and 03. As always at We ❤ RPContinue reading “KoKoLoReS: Meet Lilou and Rowan!”

KoKoLoReS: New round of Suicide Dollz!

A new round of Suicide Dollz has just started, and I’m offering a new hair and a sexy couple pose! Betty is a rigged mesh hairstyle and comes in colour huds 01, 02 and 03. The “together” couple pose is copy/mod/no transfer. Visit Suicide Dollz!

KoKoLoReS: New Year, new stuff!

Happy New Year to all of you, I hope your wishes for 2015 will come true! 🙂 KoKoLoReS starts the new year off with all new hair textures and huds! Each hud now has 30 colours to choose from. They are all soft and shiny, hope you like them! There are four huds now –Continue reading “KoKoLoReS: New Year, new stuff!”

KoKoLoReS: Afari and Oonagh at We <3 Roleplay!

We ❤ Roleplay December has just opened, and KoKoLoReS is proud to be part of this great event now! I’m offering two hairs: Afari is a long, very curly rigged style and comes in a normal and a busty version plus hairbases. Oonagh is a long, windblown style, also rigged. Both are 25% off atContinue reading “KoKoLoReS: Afari and Oonagh at We ❤ Roleplay!”

KoKoLoReS: Cosmetic Fair Halloween and more!

KoKoLoReS is at Cosmetic Fair Halloween! It runs from October 15th – 31st, and there’s so much great stuff to be found, you should definitely visit! And at the KoKoLoReS mainstore, you’ll find the full release of the fun retro bob Groovy now! Have a great weekend!