[KoKoLoReS] TLC Giving of Thanks Hunt

  The TLC Giving of Thanks Hunt started yesterday and will run until November, 26th. There are pumpkin patches located everywhere at the Liaison Collaborative venue, filled with gifts! You need to be in the The Liaison Update group (secondlife:///app/group/ebc4b573-b88b-66a6-5a66-30b241902dcb/about) to get them. I’m offering a recolour of my cozy Mock Turtleneck sweater, which comesContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS] TLC Giving of Thanks Hunt”

[KoKoLoReS] Mock turtleneck sweater at SaNaRae

  Hi guys! I have a new cozy sweater out for you at SaNaRae! The Mock turtleneck sweater comes fitted for Maitreya, V-Tech, Slink Hourglass and Slink HG Petite. There are six texture packs – each pack has three options – and an ALLpack for you to choose from. The sweaters are hud driven andContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS] Mock turtleneck sweater at SaNaRae”