[KoKoLoReS]: The Seasons Story Spring!

The Seasons Story Spring has just started and I have two styles out there for you! Abby is a cute little pigtail number and is rigged, Lily is a messy updo, unrigged and resizable. Both come in colour hud options 01, 04 and balayage. I hope you like them! Taxi to TSS Spring

Jo & Sarah at The Seasons Story Winter!

The Seasons Story Winter has just started and I have two new hairs for you! Both styles come with a (undetachable) beanie with 14 texture options – there are wool, fleece and felt options. While Jo is unrigged mesh and comes with a resizer, Sarah is rigged and has regular and busty versions. Please alwaysContinue reading “Jo & Sarah at The Seasons Story Winter!”

Events Galore!

Three great events just started, and I’ve got five new hairs for you, plus a gift! Let’s start with The Seasons Story Autumn! It’s the three years anniversary of one of my fave ever events, and I’ve made two hairs and a gift for it! Ceri and Demi both can be worn with or withoutContinue reading “Events Galore!”