Credits DeeTaleZ – Skin Gemma FRECKLES (Lips2) brown Eastern NEW! [KoKoLoReS]BP -Eyeliner Collection -The Flip – black (coming soon) *REDGRAVE*Eyelashes -16- Elemental [KoKoLoReS] Eyes – Spring stormy (coming soon) Damselfly Hair Base Mens 352 *~*Damselfly*~*Paki Non-Rig Mesh Hair – dark reds, now including fades! .Renegade. Chromat Uniform Top (at fi*Friday) .:AVALE:. Karine .Arrosa. jacket {monContinue reading “2014.054”

androgyMe – the challenge

Thanks to Berry for making me aware of this great challenge by Arora Zanzibar! As much as I love styling my avi sexy/girlish/cute, there are times when I just love an androgyn look – I have a lot of male hairstyles in my inventory, and I frankly think that the Redgrave Liquid Mesh Jeans forContinue reading “androgyMe – the challenge”