shades of chocolate

I love all shades of brown – it’s warmth, it’s earthyness! Tweed, fur and leather are especially lovely textures to have in browns – they fit each other nicely. Add to that the new Dura hair – and tada! 🙂 Dura is probably my fav hairshop for short to chin-length styles – the hair always looks lively and totally natural!




.: vive9 :. Estelle in SPF108 Base 01 (toner & moles)

.: vive nine :. Estelle Lipsticks in SPF108 – Glossy Natural

.: vive nine :. Estelle SPF108 Dark Brown Brows (for toner)

.: vive nine :. Estelle Layered Shadow in SPF108 – Nude

L.Fauna Lashes [Pretty]

Poetic Colors – classic gen4 – gingerbread – small bright eyes(at Men’s Department)

*Dura-Girl*42(Sienna)resize + !Forelock(*Dura-Girl42*-Light Color-Chin)

erratic / laney – tweed jacket / tan-brown(at FaMESHed)

[W&B] Maddy Lace-Inset Top SIENNA

*League* Folklore Leggings -Navajo

[N] calf high moccasins – brown

Izzie’s – Classic Nails

[F F] MESH – Fur Scarf

poses by:

(marukin) [lunch] biologically sweetened

(marukin) [adularescent] polarity


All links can be found on the Link Page!


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