7 SL facts about me


Here I am, hopping on the bandwagon! 🙂 Strawberry Singh has started a meme stating 7 not so widely known facts about her SL-self, and I’ve been reading a lot of interesting responses.  So I decided to take part!

My SL Fact #1:

I orginally joined SL in 2009 because I had been invited to be interviewed about one of my machinima films after a showing at the Machiniplex theater (which, sadly, no longer exists).  So I downloaded SL, logged in for the first time a few days before the interview, ran about a bit, got confused about how to wear what and where layers go… I ended up being interviewed wearing a default avi if I recall correctly… but I got curious about SL and almost immediately began to explore it with the help of two good friends who even then were SL veterans – Pandora Popstar and Riott Viking. ❤

My SL Fact #2:

For a longish time, I lived on Pandora’s land where I had a simple platform at first, later I added a house and garden and stuff… since last year I own a rather big chunk of mainland where I keep my little pose store and constantly put up new houses to furnish and photograph. My land is at the coast of a sailable sea, so it’s rather nice, even though I still dream of one day owning a whole sim to mess around with!

My SL Fact #3:

I am, like a lot of others whose memes I read, a totally unsociable SL citizen – most of the time I stay on my land, experiment with looks or furnishing houses. I rarely IM anyone, but still love getting IM’d and having a nice talk! I’m grateful my friends have stayed my friends for such a long time given these circumstances!

My SL Fact #4:

My pet peeve in SL are wrong proportions – so often I see avi’s with hands and feet that are much too small for their bodies, or too short arms… or male avi’s with tiny heads and bulging muscles! On the other hand I’m very glad that you can look whatever way you want in SL, I think this freedom is to be highly valued!

My SL Fact #5:

I’m an eyebrow-addict. I like them bushy, in every colour imaginable and preferable on tattoo layers and the skins (which I’m addicted to, too) with a no-brow option.

My SL Fact #6:

I’m not at all interested in SL romance or pixel sex. My avi is a virgin, and I intend her to stay a virgin!

My SL Fact #7:

I hate drama, be that in RL or SL! Chances are, once drama starts, I’m gone, to reappear when panties have been un-twisted again!



*CASHMERE*Giselle Skin(Light)Natural

[okkbye] Eyeliners – Catliner

[okkbye] Serious Freckles – Full Body (DARK)

IKON Eternal Eyes – Wave

.ploom. Lashes 6

booN gathered raised hairbase black

booN SCO052 hair black

[SC] Surf Couture – Rendezvous V-Neck – Dusty Rose

(Yummy) Bow Scarf – Tea Roses

pose by:

Glitterati – Beauty 01


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10 thoughts on “7 SL facts about me

  1. Hey, liked readin your facts. Gotta get a friend to take a photo of me and do the same.

    That said, I LOVE thick eyebrows but not on my av. I like thin, fair to nonexistant BUT recently have gotten a couple of skins with eyebrows I like. I wish those brows were on a tattoo layer so I could use them on my other skins.

    1. Yes, tattoo layers are, next to mesh the best new invention of SL! And I like sparse or thin eyebrows on others, it looks so elegant. I often wish I could take parts of my most loved skins and mix them to have a new look!

    1. Thanks! I love freckles and moles nearly as much as eyebrows and wear them quite often – possibly because they take away a bit of the perfection of an otherwise unblemished, wrinkle-less skin. 🙂

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