sisch’s basics


Miss Skittles has asked us to share our basics, the things we always come back to wearing, so here goes!

  • Hair
    In the pictures for this post I’m wearing Tram hair –  I’m totally in love with these chin-hugging styles. I don’t really have a favourite hair designer – I’m a real hair-whore! – but my basic hair colour is still blonde, even though I love to wear other colours, especially red or ombre styles. I’ll always come back to blonde, and very often choose a mid-length style or an updo over long flowing styles.
  • Skin
    Okay, if you follow this blog you already know I’m not only a hair-whore, but a skin-whore, too…. 🙂 Among my favs are Essences, Glance Skins, Pink Fuel and Glam Affair… which one I wear depends very much on my mood and on the skin tone I want to wear. I’m always trying on new ones, still in search of that “perfect” skin (it doesn’t exist, every new skin I buy is perfect for a while, then I want something new!).  What I would call basic about my skin habit though is that I like them to be bare – I prefer adding make ups via tattoo layers.


  • Brows
    My basic brow shape is from Exile – the bald base that comes with the hairs has a brow shape that fits almost all my skins or brow tattoo’s!
  • Freckles and moles
    You’ll almost never find me without a freckle or moles tattoo layer on! I’ve got tons of those – in these pics, I’m wearing one which came with the Sasha skin for theSkinnery, I have some from okkbye and Essences, L.Fauna, Glam Affair…. I love these little imperfections!
  • Eyes
    I wear eyes from IKON, Insufferable Dastard or Umeboshi. Couldn’t decide which one I love best!
  • Lashes
    My favourite mesh lashes are from Maxi Gossamer (groomed), fav prim lashes from Lelutka (Mascara), but most of the time I wear tattoo lashes, even for my pictures. I don’t like that mesh or prim lashes always seem to look “faded” in pics, and the alpha layers often interfere with hair or glasses. My basic tattoo lashes are from ploom and came with a skin package (Harlowe), and lately I often wear the ones I made myself.
  • shape
    My shape is me. I fiddled with the settings until I liked them, and rarely change anything about it, most mesh fits it perfectly! I’m not willing to switch to other shapes, and if a skin doesn’t fit my face as it is, I don’t buy it. Even my alt Leyla wears the same shape, because I can’t get used to seeing me look different, and I’ve written down all digits by hand so that I’ll never, never lose them! (paranoid, much :P)
  • mesh nails
    since I bought the Ultra mesh rigged fingernails from Jamman, I have rarely taken them off, and don’t wear any others anymore. Yes, they are a bit more expensive than other nails, but all the options available make up for that totally! You can texture each nail seperately and even wear each nail in a different length, for example!
  • system layer clothing
    yes, I admit it – I always come back to it! As much as I love mesh, most of the time you’ll find me running around in something very like the outfit in the picture! I love well made system stuff, and I love making it. And it’s perfect for mixing with mesh!
  • AO
    My AO is a mixture of animations I found over the years and put together myself. I’m so used to the AO build into Firestorm that I wouldn’t want to switch to a viewer that doesn’t have this feature – for some reason I hate AO’s you actually have to wear, they annoy me! (don’t ask why).

Ok, that’s it I think… this was fun! 🙂


Essences – Opera Summertime 03 *ginger* (at TDR Fusion)

.: vive nine :. Baby Rib Cropped T – Persimmons

-tb- C88 Board Shorts – Ocean 1

.ploom. Lashes Tattoo 01

*Glance Skins – Nyasha – Bean – Matte 05 lipsticks

[theSkinnery]Sasha freckles & moles

(fd) Messy Crop Tank Sheer – Black (at Collabor88 May)

DECO – MESH Classic Sneaks small (red)

tram  C409 hair / shell

[AUX] Melt My Heart – Pink (at Collabor88 May)

[AUX] Melt My Heart – Red (at Collabor88 May)

IKON Ardent Eyes – Dew

Jamman – ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3

Poses/prop by:

[Gos & oOo] Pouffe – small – brown

[KoKoLoReS] take me there (today, tomorrow pose pack)

All links can be found on the Link Page!

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