alone in the dark


A new round of The Arcade will start soon – June, 1st – and I’ll bet you’re just as excited as I am! And of course you don’t want to leave little Annie alone in the dark, won’t you? She’s one of the cute little Rag Doll avatars Maylee Oh from The Secret Store has made for us to get gacha crazy over! The dollies come with an AO, and there are 20 different ones to fall in love with. Soon….! 🙂


The Secret Store – Rag Dolls Collection – Annie (at The Arcade June, 1st)

The Secret Store – Rag Doll AO

[we’re CLOSED] flower power chair

*bbqq* Stars lamp

[*Art Dummy!] idle. stacked books

Zigana – Apothecary cabinet light

{vespertine} faded horizons skyloft

Turnip’s skydome

 All links can be found on the Link Page!

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