KoKoLoReS: The new mainstore is now open!

[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Ivy

[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Jeanne

[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Elle

The all new KoKoLoReS shopping experience is now open! 🙂

Come on over and join the subscriber group for a christmas/opening hair fatpack giftie – Ivy! If you’re already a member, you’ll need to unsubscribe and subscribe again to get the gift!

There are also Jeanne and Elle out now – one unrigged short sassy style which comes in two versions with matching hairbases, and a long, rigged style!

KoKoLoReS now offers giftcards, and to celebrate the opening, they will be 50% off from today until friday, December 12th! Furthermore, with every regular store purchase you’ll now get store credit, and in case something is lost during delivery, there’s now a redelivery terminal, too!

Come and have a look around the place – I’ve had so much fun decorating the sim!


Your taxi to the new KoKoLoReS

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