is that me?


There’s a lot of discussion right now about mesh heads, if they take away your individuality, if they make you look less like you, and most importantly, if they make you feel less like you. Today I saw this picture by Shae Marquis, comparing her original face to Lelutka’s Stella, and I immediately wanted to do it, too!

A short time ago, I said mesh heads are fun to play with, but don’t feel like me. I do own both Slink Visage heads and a TMP head, and all of these I love – but they are not me, the me I always go back to. I’ve got Lelutka Ever and Leda – love both faces! But they are not me. But now I’ve got Karin and Stella, the boundaries are beginning to swim… looking at the pictures, I think you can see how much so! Yes, my original eyes are a bit more slanted, yes the hairline differs and my nose is a bit wider.. but hey – I can get used to those differences. Already, I’m considering both faces to be me, and anyway I think a lot of the individuality we perceive lies not in the sliders alone, but in the way you mix skins and make-up’s, and in what you wear and how you accessorize.

So let me know what you think (and if you like to, do your own comparison?) : Is that me?


Heads: Lelutka’s Karin & original sisch & Stella
Skin: PumeC’s Roxana
Lashes: *REDGRAVE* NO. 16
Eyes: IKON Sovereign dusk
Lipstick: [KoKoLoReS]BP- Pure Matte Lipsticks
Hair: [KoKoLoReS] W.I.P.
Body: Maitreya Lara
Top: Blueberry’s Avela
Tattoo: Insanya’s Am13

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