kill me softly


I haven’t done a blogpost in a long time, and that’s just because I have so little time! In FirstLife, we’re almost ready to move into our new home – I really, really love all my books, but having to pack them all for moving… and the myriad of other stuff that tends to accumulate when you’ve been living somewhere for a long time… and coordinating the craftspeople who are still working on our house… don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it and can’t wait until we’re ready to move, but I had to settle on priorities. And those are definitely the house and KoKoLoReS, so blogging is on the backburner.
Hope you’ll understand! 🙂 I still take pics whenever I have time and post them to flickr, and today I’m showing you some of my fave things in SL right now!


Mesh head – GenesisLab Alice, at Cosmetic Fair Gachalicious
Eyes – Siren from [Buzz], at TwentyOne
Piercings – DATUM – Delicious silver
PUNCH – Moon Tear
PUNCH – Lune
Ears – [MANDALA] Steking ears season 5
Body – Maitreya Lara
Tattoo – [White~Widow] Invictus, at The Fantasy Collective
Hair – KoKoLoReS (W.I.P.)

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