#001 – new year resolutions


Happy New Year!

Sooooo last year, this blog was in a kind of a Sleeping Beauty phase… we bought a house and doing lots of the renovating on our own took up loads of time, and I spent most of my computer time working hard on my hair meshing skills and on all kind of stuffs for my store KoKoLoReS. I’m pretty happy with what I achieved in 2015, and looking forward to make 2016 an even better year!

I’m determinded to bring this blog back to life again, too, and maybe even be a little more social in SL and on Plurk… I’m trying hard! 😀

I will probably be doing mostly portraits and an occasional fashion shoot, take part in memes again, and I hope to get in 2 (not store related) posts per week.

So, on to #001!

If you’re not a member of the Genesis Lab V.I.P. group, you should definitely join! There’s a fee, but she’s very generous with her gifts, there are mesh heads and skins regularly!
The fur cape I’m wearing is from *COCO*, I can never say no to capes and short little jackets! One thing I would wish for though is that designers would include a simple (not doubled/alpha’d version) of the fur for photography, as the alphas look great inworld but are very hard to photograph and need a lot of photoshopping.
My dress is from V.e., I love the colour and the simplicity of it’s cut and the texture.
AITUI has new septum piercings out at Fameshed, they are very beautiful and come with a texture change/resize hud – so beautiful!

And for a final colour splash, I’m wearing a tattoo by Bombshell.


Genesis Lab Mesh Head Lara (group gift)
Maitreya Lara mesh body & hands and feet
IKON Eyes Odyssey Fjord
[MANDALA] Mesh Ears Season5
[KoKoLoReS] Hair – Lyta (coming to Hairology January)
*COCO* FurShoulderCape Black (at Fameshed January)
V.e. Renee Dress Jade (at Fameshed January)
AITUI Septum Jewellry 003
.ARISE. Ashley Piercing silver
PUNCH / Butterfly Kiss Spikes
Bombshell Magical Starstreams tattoo

You’ll find most links on the link page, if something is missing don’t hesitate to ask!

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