KoKoLoReS: Cosmetic Fair is on!


Cosmetic Fair is on! This time, the theme is “Pantone Rose Quartz & Serenity”, and I’ve made two hairs with special huds for it!

Both Jules and Manon are unrigged, resizable mesh. They come in colour huds 01, 04, dichromic and the special hud: Rose Quartz & Serenity! This hud has the hairs in slightly glittery rose and light blue textures, plus a variety of blondes, reds, browns, blacks, white and gray with rose or light blue accents. Go try it out! The special colour hud comes at a special price, too!

Hair Hud 2015 rose quartz serenity

Cosmetic Fair runs from March 15th – 31st.

Here’s your taxi!

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