It’s Vintage Fair time!


Vintage Fair has just started and will run until June 26th! The sim looks fantastic and there are so many items to discover – please have a look at the shopping guide!

I’ve made two hairstyles, inspired by the 1920’s – Francine and Blanche. Both are unrigged, resizable mesh and come in colour hud options 01, 04 and balayage.

Please be aware that in order to visit the fair, you’ll need to keep your ACI (Avatar Complexity Information) low: everyone over 75.000 ACI will be tp’d out! How to find out about your ACI? In Firestorm, open Advanced menu (if you don’t see it, press Alt-Ctrl-D), select “Performance Tools” and then “Show Render weight for Avatars”. The number will show up over your head. If you are below 75K, you’re ok, if not start detaching items… or just go invisible. It will help to reduce lag!

Vintage Fair - Sim Map for the Inworld.png

Taxi to Vintage Fair

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