I’m so excited for all the new features project bento offers us! Catwa has released her first bento head, and it’s real fun to work all those sliders again, and see how the face changes! I can’t wait for more heads being released, and, above all, for Firestorm Bento viewer, because I just don’t feel at home using the official one. Aaaand I need to play much more with the head – it has two of each make-up layer now!! Of course there’s still the alpha bug, but still, there are so many possibilities of layering!

For now, I’m happy with the look I have achieved.

Catwa mesh head Catya
Deetalez skin Gulia
Deetalez mesh mole
Catwa mesh eyes
{NANTRA} Natural Eyes grey Catwa applier
Bossie. Autumn Brows Catwa applier
.ARISE. Nose Ring silver
[KoKoLoReS] Hair – Tori (coming soon)
TETRA – Quilted Crop Top (Black)

Del May – Grown up

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