off the wall


More playin’ with Catwa’s Catya bento head – I’m even getting better at using an SL viewer!

I really wasn’t aware of how much I’ve missed the ability to tweak my face for different skins. In fact, I remember not being particularly willing to do that when there weren’t any mesh heads around. My face is my face and that’s it! I’ve become much more relaxed since then.

Of course the ability to change the face is somewhat limited – some things break the mesh quickly – but still! Looking at all those very different Catyas on flickr, I’m happy.

Catwa mesh head Catya (bento head)
Pumec Eye applier for Catwa heads
[the Skinnery] Front Row brows style 2
Insol skin Tea
[Mandala] Steking Ears5
.ARISE. Nose Ring silver
Maitreya Lara body & hands
Slink deluxe feet
Blueberry – Radiance – Denim Jackets
REPRESENT – Essential Loose Sweats black
REIGNxFLITE – Taylers folded black/white and white/black
*Bolson – Sagmeister tattoo

Olive Juice – wall 2 (on a ledge)

RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Southwark Area

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