Poses for Bento heads & hands!


Project bento is (almost) here now! Which means we all get a whole lot of new stuff to play with, including mesh heads whose appearance can be changed via the face sliders and hands with actual moving fingers. At the moment bento is still in beta stage, which means you need the Second Life beta bento viewer to be able to see bento mesh correctly.

Since I’m totally in love with my Catwa Catya Bento mesh head and recently also bought the -VA-F-VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM-V.2BETA, I couldn’t resist and had to make some poses using the new features!

I made these using the default avatar shape – they might not look quite the same depending on your shape. Also keep in mind that bento is still in beta, so sometimes you’ll have to reset your skeleton to make them show/go away after you stop playing them.

Of course you can use these poses with non-bento heads and hands too, you just won’t be able to see the facial/hands anims.

Please try before you buy!

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