[KoKoLoReS]: Bento Poses at Pose Fair!



It’s Pose Fair time!

I’ve been playing with the new bento bones and have made fun poses for you!

Photo Booth I & II can of course still be used with non bento enabled mesh heads and hands, but you won’t be seeing the facial expressions and finger positions then. Please always demo first! The poses are priority 3, which means you will have to disable your AO to make them work, and you might have to reset your skeleton after use, depending on which mesh head you wear. The poses are tested on Lelutka / Catwa / Genesis Lab heads and look slightly different on each of those.

The Subtle expressions are for use with bento heads only – from slight smiles to upturned mouth corners to raised brows, here are expressions to make your avatars face more life-like! The face poses are priority 2 – they don’t affect your blinking – and come in a minimizable hud or as single poses.

I hope you’ll have as much fun using these as I had making them!

Your taxi to Pose Fair

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