A few weeks ago, Whiskey Monday has started a new blog – CTRL-SHIFT-H – where she showcases homes of fellow Second Life citizens. It’s wonderful, go visit it now! I love getting a glimpse into peoples homes – both first and second life, I have to admit that if your curtains are open and the lights are on, it’s almost impossible for me to not look.

It also made me realize how much I missed having a home in SL – in recent years, even though I now rent a homestead, I have concentrated on creating for my store. Yes, I had houses out, even haphazardly furnished them, but they didn’t feel like a real home, more like a place to stand around in.


So when Whiskey plurked about her new project and about her work on her own home made of the Trompe Loeil Shipping Crate Studios, I remembered that I had those in my inventory. And Whiskey had modded those crates into something new, which I liked very much. I hadn’t even realized before that the crates can be modified – a lot of mesh houses can’t be, sadly. Anyway, I went crazy on them, and I fell in love, I textured, I furnished, I played. I have a home again. Thank you for the inspiration, Whiskey!


I’m not going to write full credits for this, but if you want to know where a particular item is from, feel free to contact me.








5 thoughts on “home

  1. Thanks for sharing her blog! I love yours and the one you mention is wonderful. (ps…the home is awesome looking) Love that you found your home.

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