[KoKoLoReS]: New textures! New hair! New V.I.P. gift!


Hey guys, lots of news!

KoKoLoReS has all new textures! These took me a lot of work and I really hope that you will like them!


The huds Natural, Rainbow, Balayage and Ombre now come with 25 colours plus roots options.

The Accents hud has the 25 natural colours as base, plus 25 accent colours which you can mix freely with them.

The Unicorn Dreams hud has six colourful, pastel-y bright fun options and comes at a special price.

And the V.I.P. group has a six base colour hud – these are not taken from the Naturals, these are exclusive!

As always, not every hair style I offer will come in all colour options, and old styles will not be updated.

Come on over to KoKoLoReS and try the new style Kit, which comes in all options, and if you’re in the V.I.P. group, get your gift!


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