[KoKoLoReS]: Hair Fair is open!


Hair Fair 2017 is open! From July 1st – 16th, you’ll be able to feed your hair addiction and do good at the same time, because every hair sold at the fair donates between 15% – 100% to Wigs For Kids!

I’ve made six new hairs for the event – Sniper is my gift – and when you buy a colour package of Pepper, Maude, Mila, Cleo or Bones, 30% get donated to Wigs For Kids.

I’ve also made two exclusive Bandanas for Bandana Day, all the money from the sales of them go to Wigs For Kids. They are transfer, so you can gift them!

For stress and lag free demoing, please join the Hair Fair DEMO Group in Second Life: just copy/paste the link in chat and join for free, all the demos are in there!


I’ve also put my demos out at the mainstore.

KoKoLoReS is at the Blonde sim: Taxi

For all additional info – Slurs to all the sims, cam-shopping sims, a catalogue of available styles, please visit the Hair Fair SL blog.

Have fuuuuuuun! 😀

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