[KoKoLoReS]: An important post concerning gift cards and store credit




As you might have already heard about on plurk, facebook or in inworld groups, the E2V vendor system which I use for KoKoLoReS will go offline and stop working on May, 31st.

This came as quite a surprise to me and a lot of other store owners – we all need to find an adaquate replacement, and even though vendor system creators are right now working together trying to find ways to make information of past purchases and store credit transferable, it is by no means certain that it will be actually possible.

So what does this mean for you as KoKoLoReS customer, what should you do?

  • use your store credit now when you purchase a KoKoLoReS item
  • request redelivery of items you have purchased and need a backup for
  • you MUST!! redeem any unredeemed gift cards still in your inventory before May, 31st (the sooner, the better!) I’d much prefer you to have done it until the 15th.

I have sent personal messages to all buyers of gift cards which haven’t been redeemed yet – keep in mind that I can only see who bought the gift card, if you gave it away and the person didn’t redeem it, I can not see it in my system! So please notify anyone you gifted KoKoLoReS gift cards to.

For now, you won’t get store credit with purchases, and I am not selling any new gift cards. I’m looking into several vendor systems, trying to find out which will fit KoKoLoReS best, and I will keep you updated about when I’ll be making the switch. Likely the sim will be closed for a time when that happens.

I’m sorry for any inconvinience this may cause you!

– Leyla

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