[KoKoLoReS]: Introducing Kat and the new colour hud!


Hi guys,

meet Kat, the first KoKoLoReS full alpha hairstyle!
Kat is a short, sleek bob. The style comes with the new All-in-One hud – 192 brand new, hand painted textures!
I spent a lot of time and love on these, and I hope you will like them as much as I do.

There is also a tinting option added now, as the hair is not modifiable. This was not an easy decision for me, because I know that many customers prefer their hair to be modify, but since alpha hair will break when you unlink, change textures or display modes, I decided to go this way. For the same reason, Kat is rigged. Resizing, even via script, can have unwanted consequences which can break the hair.

Full alpha hair means that the hair looks much more natural and soft.
It also means that there can be glitches – because all textures have transparency.

  • If you apply a hairbase to wear with this hair, chances are that it won’t display correctly immediately. When that happens, right clicking the hair, choosing “edit” and then just closing the edit window again usually resolves the issue. The same trick helps if you apply eyeshadow/lashes to your mesh head and the hair hides part of the face – often the eyeshadow/lashes won’t show correctly – right clicking helps here, too.
  • The lashes of your mesh head are made of alpha texture, too, so depending on the angle of your camera, there might be glitching. Unless you can set the lashes to alpha masking (like on Catwa heads), there is not much that can be done about that.

I still think the soft look makes up for these shortcomings, and hope you do, too! But seriously, please please pretty please, always demo. If you don’t like how things work on the demo, chances are you will be unhappy should you purchase regardless.

All that said, Kat is out at the mainstore now, ready for you to try!
And if you are a member of the KoKoLoReS V.I.P. group, you’ll get it for free! Just touch the V.I.P. panel on the vendor while wearing your group tag. (Hint: joining the V.I.P. group may be worthwhile!)
I hope you enjoy!

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