Bakes on Mesh is here!

On Monday, August 26th, Bakes on Mesh went finally live on the main Second Life grid! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me – I for one have never wholly given up on system layer clothes, and the possibilities of layering tattoos, underwear, shirts… under mesh clothes, plus tons of tattoo layers on our mesh heads are simply too good to miss out on! You want proof? Look at this pic!

I’m wearing my BOM updated Slink Hourglass body with the Petite Chest. If you want detailed information about how BOM works, have a look at the FAQ on Siddean Munros Slink blog – you’ll find videos and lots of information there that will help you even if you don’t own a Slink mesh body! I just want to say thank you to her here, for having her bodies ready just in time, for all the great stuff on the new Redux hud – so much love and hard work put in!

Now what else am I wearing? My Genus Strong head has not been updated to BOM yet, but because it is Omega compatible, it can be made to work with the help of a hud – you’ll find it on marketplace.

The hud will not only make Omega compatible mesh heads work for BOM, but also mesh bodies which haven’t been updated yet.

The skin I’m wearing is one I have been anticipating wearing again since Bakes on Mesh was first anounced – it is actually from 2014! It’s the Pink Fuel ANDRO – Ashley skin. I have always loved it, and it has aged very nicely – it fits the Genus head perfectly! The one thing that doesn’t really hold up to todays standards are the lips, so I’m wearing an applier here (also from Pink Fuel, from the Emiri skin). I also added some of my own cosmetic enhancements – the fine under eye lines and a nose scar. The fun of BOM is, there are no alpha clashes! You can layer brows, scars, freckles, eyeshadows, blush, lipstick, glow, face tattoos….. whatever, without glitches!

The jeans I’m wearing are another throw-back in time – the Belmar skinny jeans from Surf Couture! I think they are from 2010 – I remember loving them to bits, and I still do!

I bought the top just yesterday, no idea when it was made – it comes with applier versions, so it must be younger. It’s perfect for layering under mesh clothes and looks quite nice on it’s own, I think. It’s from ::EGO, called Hanna Halter Top.

Of course I won’t be wearing all texture clothes all the time, I love my mesh clothes! But now we have 1024×1024 textures for the layers, I feel there will definitely be a market for beautiful underwear which can be actually worn under mesh clothes. And it will do so much good in view of reducing lag!

Drawbacks? Well, for materials, appliers will be needed. And I forsee more stuff in my inventory – which I need to sort, why do I have to remember that now? Dang…..

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now. If you didn’t notice yet, I’m a fan of Bakes on Mesh, and I hope you will try it, too! And pester all your favourite designers for updates (nicely). And I hope Firestorm will get updated soon!


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