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Hey guys! This will be a kinda lengthy post, please bear with me! I have been ill – a nasty virus, but not the ‘rona, thankfully. Nonetheless I spent one week with high fever, alternately having the chills or burning up, and my doc sent me to have a Corona test. I’m good again now, but still not as fit as I would like, so be careful, guys! There are more than one nasty virus around!

Anyway, because of this, Vintage Fair came and went without me telling you about the two lovely, 1960’s/Twiggy/Vidal Sassoon inspired hairs I had out there! They are now available at the mainstore and on marketplace. Both Lesley and Sharon are unrigged and resizable – come try the demos!

I’ve also sent out a redelivery for Kitten, which has been updated with an optional version without the long strands.

If you bought the hair and didn’t get the redelivery I sent out yesterday, please come to the store and touch the redelivery terminal! Or if you’re a V.I.P. group member, look in your group notices for the brand new Redelivery Hud I send out.

And for all my V.I.P. group members I have a gift – 300L$ of store credit! Come to the store, wear your group tag and touch the KoKoLoReS V.I.P. Group Credit Gift Terminal to receive them. They will be given once to each V.I.P. until the end of July. Happy spending! 🙂

Taxi to KoKoLoReS

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