[KoKoLoReS] It’s Skin Fair Time!

Hey guys, it's Skin Fair time! :D

This year, I've prepared 4 Lel EVO X hairbases for you, all of them short: say hello to Dana, Camina, Charlize and Leyla! All of them come in 10 colour options and are tintable. Charlize has 2 bonus pastel colours! Even though they have girl names, they fit male Lel EVO X heads quite nicely, too. Go grab the demos!
I also made 4 different brow styles: Babs, Clarissa, Cara and Naomi. All of them come as BoM layers for Lel EVO X heads only, and as HD versions with materials for Lel EVO and Lel EVO X heads. From slim and sleek to wild, bushy and unruly, there's a brow for every style. Demos for all hairbases and brows are out at the fair and in the notices of the Juniper Events group, as well as at the KoKoLoReS mainstore.
Aaand I set out a gift for you: Charlize in 2 colours. I hope you enjoy!

You'll find KoKoLoReS at the South Sim of the Fair - for the first weekend, there's a complexity limit in force (100.000), so be sure to dress down!

Here are a bunch of useful links:

Shopping Guide
North Sim
South Sim
Cam Sim (doesn't have the complexity limit!)

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “[KoKoLoReS] It’s Skin Fair Time!

  1. What’s the use of a gift but in those awful garish colours that we aren’t going to be able to use? 😦 If you want to make us a gift, just make a normal standard brown, black or blonde hairbase, geez.

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