Hair Fair 2022 has started!

Hey guys, it's that time of the year again! Hair Fair 2022 has just opened it's doors - you'll find maps and a gallery of all the goodies at the link - and I have 3 unisex styles out for you!

All are full alpha mesh hairs, unrigged and resizable, come with 182 textures, optional materials, tinting, BoM hairbases for default UV mapped heads and LeL EVO X heads.

While Caelan and Ezra can be worn without a hairbase, Carter is an undercut which needs a base.

I hope you like 'em! 25% of every KoKoLoReS hair purchase you make go to Wigs For Kids.

I've also put out a little gift - the KoKoLoReS Bangs 006! 
These can be worn with many KoKoLoReS hairstyles, but also other creators hairs - be creative!

Have fun at the Fair!

KoKoLoReS @ Hair Fair Blonde sim

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