#060 – 2022

~ magnificence, awakened ~

[AK ADVX](kaoz.koba) - Greta Head - updated! Greta now comes with improved animations, animated elf/mermaid/vampire ears, complete with huds for posing and animating them, and a split tongue with animations and poses.

If you already own her, go get your update at the Akeruka mainstore!
So far, the following heads have been updated:

amara beauty (Shana Banana) - Kimiko 20 - NO BROWS & ears
[SB](Juno Panache)  RW Up [Brow A] 12
[SB] RW Up [Brow A] 03
::SG :: (SlackGirl) ADVX Tintable Lashes G-01
Shiny Stuffs (Tamari Tempest) EvoX Step Sister Shadow
Shiny Stuffs EvoX Step Sister Liner (Tintable)
Shiny Stuffs EvoX Step Sister Liner Set (Tintable)
.euphoric (Demi Placebo) ~Rebel Eyes~[BOM] #Pack 2-11
coquille.(lisapia) Natural eyebags-01
DeeTaleZ (Steffi Villota) MU *Contouring 2* for LELUTKA EVOX/ Light Skin
Nuve. (Veronika Blackwood) Bella lip tint Evo X 1
. AW . (Thorny Thistle) Lippenbekenntnis 03 - optional topgloss
[KKLRS] (Leyla Flux) Ear Glitter orange // Lel EVO X {human}
[KKLRS] Hair - Carter
TheShops (MeshBody) [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.4)
-Pretty Liars- (Nami Foxpaws) Boobs lift LEVEL 4
amara beauty - body skin 20 Legacy
{Sakura} (willow.fae) Short Nails 2 - [Both] - Legacy (Hud tips)
-Pixicat- (areve) Hiba Cardigan - HoundTooth (Legacy Perkt)
cheezu. (Winter Bunny) daily thin rings : legacy
[piXit] (xeni.vortex) - iPortrait_i5_F6 pose

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