#063 – 2022

~ I just really like how that feels ~

[AK ADVX](kaoz.koba) - MeiLin Head - updated! 50% off Sale at Akeruka mainstore!
LOWEN Beauty (gwen.aloix) - Blossom [Petal/NB] (EvoX)
DeeTaleZ (Steffi Villota) MU *Veins * for LELU EVOX/ Light Skin
[SB] (Juno Panache) RW Up [Brow A] 01
[SB] RW Up [Brow A] 02
. AW .(Thorny Thistle) Wimpernschlag 01 lashes for EVOX & ADVX
Izzie's (Izzie Button)- LeL Evo X -Soft Winter Glitter Eyeshadow silver 70%
WarPaint*(mafalda.hienrichs) Riyah liner collection [LeL EvoX] -puppy liner
.euphoric (Demi Placebo) ~Rona Eyes~Bom #Pack 1 -3 @ Access November
coquille.(lisapia) Natural eyebags-01
Nuve.(Veronika Blackwood) Hannah lipstick Evo X 12
TheShops (MeshBody) [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.4)
-Pretty Liars- (Nami Foxpaws) Boobs lift LEVEL 4
Bold & Beauty (jourdanmcmillan) :: Petal bodyskin - Normal V1
Izzie's - Body Veins (light)
Izzie's - Body Pores 70%
MAZE.mods (Teia Ravenhurst) - Soft Arms mod (Legacy)
{Sakura} (willow.fae) Chipped Nails - Legacy
TECHNOFOLK (Dafok Nova)_Destruction Top_Perky_001.
TECHNOFOLK_Destruction Coat_002.
(fd) (Toast Bard) Luxe Denim Skirt - Black LEGACY @ Collabor88 November
Gawk! (mell.mcmahon) Black Nylon Tights / Medium B
WeArH0uSE (Max Mare) [basic bra] OffWhite
WeArH0uSE [uneven socks] Black
EQUAL (Blue Absinthe) - Reagan Boots [Legacy]
Punk JUSTUS (JUSTUS Palianta) Zef Arm Squishys LEGACY F 
cheezu. (Winter Bunny) daily thin rings : legacy
:: DS ::  (deep.static) Robin Glasses
Overlow Poses (Bubuzinha Luv) - Pack 111 ( 5 )

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