#008 – 2023

~ woe, she said ~

[AK ADVX](kaoz.koba) - Anna Head NEW!@ Akeruka mainstore
.MILA. (mila.vanilla) Lydia EvoX [02] Browless
. AW .(Thorny Thistle) Wimpernschlag 3 - NEW Gift lashes
[SB] (Juno Panache) R.Wanted Up [Brow A] 01
alaskametro<3 (Alaska Metropolitan) "Dark Arts" eyeshadow - 01 FIT X
CINO (yogur.suki) - Biloba Eyes - HONEY PACK
. AW . Lippenbekenntnis 02 - LEL EVOX & AK ADVX lipsticks HD
. AW . Woe she said HB&Hair brown&mono /EVOX&ADVX - coming soon!
TheShops (MeshBody) [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.5.1)
The Secret Store (maylee.oh) - Anita Empire Dress - All Colors (worn with Legacy fit deformer upper from Legacy body pack)
(Yummy) (Polyester Partridge) Hoop Set - Small Thin Round (L)
SAPA (NadySapa) 257.3st pose 

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