#23 – 2020

~ little sins ~ blurb LeLUTKA.Head.Lake.2.0[the Skinnery] Song (LeLutka) sorbet NBWednesday[+] ~ Scar Eyebrows – BlackIzzie’s – LeLutka – Waterline Fix Upper blackEVERMORE. [ mitsuki – lashes ] – LELUTKAJack Spoon . Krystal Tokyo Glitter linersIzzie’s – LeLutka – Aegyo Sal Eyebags dark[KoKoLoReS] Moles galore / threesomeTRES BEAU Lelutka Thomas Natural Lipsbuzzeri. Gleam Eyes –Continue reading “#23 – 2020”

#15 – 2020

dragonlady blurb LeLUTKA.Head.Lake.1.2 *YS&YS* Jojo T00 NoBrows – BOM (Lelutka+Maitreya) *YS&YS* Tone 00 Freckles 01 – BOM (Lelutka) [SB] *LeL.EVO* JW S.Up 04.Gin 03 VELOUR: JinAh HD Eyeshadows (Lelutka Evolution) WarPaint* Ethereal lashes HUD [Lelutka – Evo] -SU!- Aura Eyes Fatpack CURELESS[+] Red Dragon Marking / R [KoKoLoReS] Moles galore / threesome FT – JakeContinue reading “#15 – 2020”

here be dragons

  I just came back from a much needed vacation, and while I’m working full force on Hair Fair stuff right now, I had to do a picture just for fun again – I almost forgot how much fun it is! Still playing with the Genus head and trying to find my face in it,Continue reading “here be dragons”