here be dragons



I just came back from a much needed vacation, and while I’m working full force on Hair Fair stuff right now, I had to do a picture just for fun again – I almost forgot how much fun it is!

Still playing with the Genus head and trying to find my face in it, and still loving the Hourglass/Petite combo very much. And materials, I love materials!
Oh and if you haven’t yet, you NEED to play with the Lelutka Axis hud! From subtle to not so subtle, so many facial expressions are possible and it works on all bento heads.


Slink Hourglass Body with Petite addon
Genus Project mesh head
[The Skinnery] Nadine skin honey for Genus
AsteroidBox Dragon Shirt + Shorts
[omnis] Black Widow arm
[NeurolaB Inc.] Cyber Eye EX-5 left
(Yummy) Minimalist Rings Slink
{cowTea} Persian Kitten Eyelashes Omega
Izzie’s Body Scars
[KoKoLoReS] Hair Sia Naturals Hud
Lelutka Axis hud

pose by Foxcity – Detached-7m

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