[KoKoLoReS] Hocus Pocus time!

  Do you have what it takes to charm a Grumpy Ghoul? Yes? You sure? Try at your own risk…. 😄 It’s Hocus Pocus time! Look for the ghoul at the mainstore and say hocus pocus in chat… convincingly! If you are, he’ll give you Sybylla for free, if not, you can either come backContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS] Hocus Pocus time!”

[KoKoLoReS] New pose sets at Pose Fair Autumn Festival!

Hi guys, Pose Fair Autumn Festival is open, and I have two new bento sets for you, and a gift for the Pose Fair Lovers group! The Fun with Kites pack has 4 bento poses plus mirrors, and comes with a cute paperbag kite. There’s a texture hud for the flying kites: 5 options forContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS] New pose sets at Pose Fair Autumn Festival!”

[KoKoLoReS]: Say Hocus Pocus!

  KoKoLoReS is taking part in the Hocus Pocus hunt again this year! Zurie will only be available from Oct. 25th until Nov 8th – after, she’ll vanish in a puff of smoke… To get her, you have to have strong magic: when you see the magic cauldron, say hocus pocus in chat, and ifContinue reading “[KoKoLoReS]: Say Hocus Pocus!”

[KoKoLoReS]: It’s Hocus Pocus time!

It’s nearly Halloween and KoKoLoReS is taking part again in the Hocus Pocus Hunt, offering exclusive Zirna which will vanish for good after the event ends! How to play? At the participating stores, locate Pumpkin McExtra – he’ll be sittin’ next to the item you might get from him, if you dare! Say ‘hocus pocus’Continue reading “[KoKoLoReS]: It’s Hocus Pocus time!”

It’s magical!

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to test your magic! 🙂 From Oct 24th-Nov 4th, say ‘hocus pocus’ in local chat (without quotation marks) for a chance to win Hocus Pocus 2016 prizes for free! One chance per avatar, per 24 hours. Or, you can buy the item for 50L only! ‘Marishka’Continue reading “It’s magical!”


Fiadh is available exclusively during the Hocus Pocus event, which starts today and ends on November 8th! And it’s free – that is, if your magic is strong enough… 😀 How it works? Just get a TP hud here, find the chest and say “Hocus Pocus” in local chat….. and if your magic is strong,Continue reading “KoKoLoReS: HOCUS POCUS!”