[KoKoLoReS] New pose sets at Pose Fair Autumn Festival!

Hi guys,

Pose Fair Autumn Festival is open, and I have two new bento sets for you, and a gift for the Pose Fair Lovers group!


The Fun with Kites pack has 4 bento poses plus mirrors, and comes with a cute paperbag kite. There’s a texture hud for the flying kites: 5 options for the bag, 4 for the bands.
The bag worn on the head is not texture change.
Each kite poses on attach, and I’ve included the separate poses for use with other kites you might own.

The Follow the Witch set comes with 4 poses plus mirrors, and the candle has a texture change hud, you can choose between white, red and black.

Here also the candles pose on attach, with the separate poses included for use with other candles (or whatever you want to hold in your hand, use your imagination 😄).

As always you can buy single poses from the pose stands, just please be aware that props are not included in those purchases.

Finally, there’s the Honey, I killed the pumpkin gift pose for all members of the Pose Fair Lovers group. It is free to join!

I hope you’ll have fun with these poses, here’s your taxi!

Pose Fair Autumn Festival

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