lady of the lake

Glance Skin’s Sigrid inspires me to things I’ve never done before…. I do think it has an elfin, ethereal look, so I found this beautiful dress at the Love Donna Flora event, and bought me some fairy ears… the headress from .Olive. is also available at Love Donna Flora, it’s so beautiful! So here sheContinue reading “lady of the lake”

CINEMA 2012 – The Wedding Present

  Your taxi to Cinema 2012 Credits MudHoney Priya Dance Stool (exclusive at Cinema 2012) MudHoney Priya Bed (exclusive at Cinema 2012) on me .: vive9 :. Maliah in SPF204 Base – BlondeBrow Izzie’s – Fuyu Eyeshadow silver .: vive nine :. Maliah Lipstick SPF200 – Glossy Moroccan .: vive nine :. Maliah Cat LinerContinue reading “CINEMA 2012 – The Wedding Present”


Baggy boyfriend-leather pants, short short hair… and a lacey pink top. Controversy? I love it! 🙂 Credits .: vive9 :. Eva in SPF204 Beige – DkArchBrows/Cl1 Kyoot Makeup – Feline (Basic Black) L.Fauna Lashes [Pretty] MG – Eyelashes – Party – Swallow Wings – R/B .ID. Darkest Browns / Nearly Black eyes -dDx- Ripley (CoffeeContinue reading “boyish”


Gardening is meditative, don’t you think? Pushing your hands into soft, wet soil, getting dirty all over…. watching your dog pee on your carefully arranged plants….. 😀 … and getting a nice tan and a lot of fresh air. Perfect day, if you ask me! Credits *YS & YS* Liu – TDR Venus Skin *YSContinue reading “Gardening”

Going out

It’s a beautiful morning, the sun is shining! Perfect for taking a trip to town in my convertible, and showing off some tanned legs. 🙂 Credits *YS & YS* Liu – TDR Venus Teeth (TDR item) *YS&YS* Freckles3 Add Tattoo Layer SL2 (TDR item) .ID. Clear Eyes – Lime MG – Eyelashes – Wild FullContinue reading “Going out”