Baggy boyfriend-leather pants, short short hair… and a lacey pink top. Controversy? I love it! 🙂


.: vive9 :. Eva in SPF204 Beige – DkArchBrows/Cl1

Kyoot Makeup – Feline (Basic Black)

L.Fauna Lashes [Pretty]

MG – Eyelashes – Party – Swallow Wings – R/B

.ID. Darkest Browns / Nearly Black eyes

-dDx- Ripley (Coffee Brown) hairbase

-dDx- Bouncer (Coffee Brown) hair

::Para Designs:: Tatsu Color Light tattoo

*RibboN* crochet short tops pink

+grasp+ Leather belt with chain/Mens

+grasp+ Leather pants/Black+Leopard/Mens

HOC – Hocs Sneakers

(epoque.s) Epoquein Pyramid Ring – Silver

Illusions *~*Cord Armband

Illusions*~*Cord Necklace

.:Hermony:. / Ultimate Cigarette / MouthAttach

Poses by Olive Juice and dfo!

All links can be found on the Link Page!

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