Hard Work

So, sometimes it’s not about looking hot and fashionable…. sometimes it’s about all the hard work that goes into looking hot and fashionable! A girl has to do what she has to do….. Of course, once all the work is done, it’s time for fun. 😀 Credits LISP – Dolly Days Gatcha set (The ArcadeContinue reading “Hard Work”

Do not disturb

Credits Soho Corner – Anne Living Set *thank you Lamia Datura! –           Anne Carpet –           Anne Canvas 1 & 2 –           Anne Comfy Chair –           Anne Puff –           Anne Coffee Tray –           Anne Sideboard –           Anne Wall Clock –           Anne Ceiling Lamp (not shown)   -Hanaya– Mason Jar with Tulips (Pink) LISP – Margot ReadingContinue reading “Do not disturb”

1970’s Revival

You might ask yourself why I’m grinning like that…. Well….. look at these! 😀  I have no idea why, but taking pics for my pass-port always ends in catastrophe! Credits -Glam Affair– Leah MedTan – Spring Breeze BL >Rb< Sienna Lips / Light / Gloss / Tomato L.Fauna EXTRA FRECKLES [Dark] .ID. Shimmer Eyes/Gold MGContinue reading “1970’s Revival”