Do not disturb


Soho Corner – Anne Living Set *thank you Lamia Datura!

–           Anne Carpet

–           Anne Canvas 1 & 2

–           Anne Comfy Chair

–           Anne Puff

–           Anne Coffee Tray

–           Anne Sideboard

–           Anne Wall Clock

–           Anne Ceiling Lamp (not shown)


-Hanaya– Mason Jar with Tulips (Pink)

LISP – Margot Reading Book

[ON] petanko cross camel shoes (no longer available)

*bbqq*-driftwood house

Turnip’s Fall Skydome

*aG* tree of Hobbit C autumn

LISP – Tree seat Baa&Chirp

*.emm; hello autumn, it’s me {entrance set} Available at the “Help Archie” sale at Truth District

…. and KittyCatS cat Nia

All links can be found on the Link Page!

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